How to change the sport which is ideal for you

How to change the sport, which is ideal for you

Once in a while you can play some kind of sport and you can almost always do it with someone else. And yet, among the majestic number of sports schools and fitness clubs, it is easy to walk alone in a chomus. Rozpovіdaєmo, how to designate, what kind of sports do you play, and will it bring melancholy and satisfaction.

How to change the sport which is ideal for you

Name the goal

It is necessary to understand the method of skin formation. The kіlka axis applies to the type of sport you want to practice, wrongly in the form of a specific mark:

  • Lose weight: aerobics, fat, cycling, triathlon, cycling, tennis, athletics, boxing, etc. ;
  • Lifts the body and increases the relief of yoga: gym, fitness, TRX, etc. ;
  • Inflate the mud and increase the strength of the show: gym, crossfit, powerlifting, athletics, etc. ;
  • Improve your health: yoga, pilates, swimming, walking, etc. ;
  • Improve tone and youth: swimming, walking, stretching, pilates, yoga, cycling;
  • Have fun spending an hour with friends or at home: basketball, soccer, squash, volleyball, golf, tennis and other games.

Focus on health status and fitness level

Before that, to start exercising, it is necessary to rethink your state of health: go to the doctor, pass an electrocardiogram, recheck your mind, etc. With the presence of ailments or health problems, one must respectfully put oneself in the choice of a sport and deal with all contraindications. For example, the team, which has varicose veins, cannot overcome power well with a large vagina, and the team, which has heart problems, runs at an intense pace.

Focus on your health and fitness level.

It is also important to seriously assess your ability. Even before, no one was doing sports, it is not possible to register for CrossFit right away. He improves with more lung, for example with easier forehands indoors under the supervision of an instructor.

Protect the peculiarities of your temperament and character.

As an extrovert, stealing group workouts or watching sports, you need to train as a team: football, basketball, hockey. So take the spell of the zmagannyah command. For introverts, there are individual and sports training, the result falls on only one person. For example, athletics, swimming, yoga.

For sanguine and choleric people, it is better to watch sports with active movements: tennis, aerobics, boxing, cycling. And for melancholic and phlegmatic people, it is better to enjoy a moderate or moderate pace: employment in the gym, pilates, stretching, billiards.

How to change the sport which is ideal for you

Protect the budget

You can play sports if you have a budget. Golovnya – bazhannya and meta. But all the same, beware of sport, for those who need special equipment. You will have to buy yoga or rent it. For example, for wakeboarding you need a board and a sholom, for boxing – mittens, a sholom and a cap, for TRX – special loops.

And the axis to take tall, yoga or straight with a vlasnoy gluteus, you do not need special equipment. More than that, there is no need to go to the gym or the sports section. On the Internet, you can find a large number of introductory videos, smartphone supplements and trainer recommendations. You just don’t have to regret.

Try more different sports

You don’t know what’s good for you at all, so you’re not trying to do anything new. Don’t go to the gym just to let off steam, or go all-in big. Try different types of sports. Tim is taller, the change in interest is positively related to your results, and the body will develop harmoniously.